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Mary Lynda Ybarra Grusing

Mary Lynda Ybarra
Residing In: Rapid City, SD USA

Note from Mary on 1/7/08
I married my husband, David, in 1959, in Spearman TX. I was a nanny for a very nice family outside of Gruver. David was a forman for the family who had a cattle ranch, altho he was an engineer, he enjoyed country living. We lived on this ranch for a year, then we moved to Borger and lived there for seven years. He worked for Phillips for those seven year. David worked with Gary Horton.

We moved to a ranch 23 miles north of Pierre SD, where we raised cattle, but the weather was very damp there for my son and I, so in 1969, we moved to Rapid City SD. We had our second son in 1970. We had a daughter in between the two boys.

My husband, David, worked for Nash Finch, a food chain, for 37 years.

I worked for a dept. store and later was a sales rep for a local cheese co.

I have 7 grandchildre and 2 great-granddaughters. My dauther, and my oldest granddaughter, live in Virginia. My youngest son lives in Pa. My oldest lives in Minnesota.

I plan to move where ever my youngest son moves. His company is going to transfer him soon, but he still does not know where or when this is going to take place.

I am getting my house ready to put it up for sale.

While we lived in Borger, I took some courses at Frank Phillips and a business course at a business school located on Main St. There I came across Betty Jo England. We got reacquainted. I really liked her. I noticed on the memory section of the website that she passed away.